The Miracle Laundry Detergent that is so powerful it only needs 10ml of liquid to clean a standard 5kg wash load!

Plus it has a built-in fabric softener!

From R2.60 per 5kg load including the cost of a fabric softener!




100ml = 2kg of a typical washing powder + fabric softener

The cheapest solution available anywhere!

See how to calculate, mouse over here!
To work out the cost of the detergent and fabric softener you are currently using, take the purchase price and divide that by the number of washes offered. For example: If your detergent cost R30.00 and offers 10 washes, your cost per wash is R3.00, then take the cost of your detergent and the cost per wash of your fabric softener and add them together. This will then give you the combined cost per 5kg wash load for your detergent and fabric softener. Then compare that to the cost of a 5kg MaxiBrite wash load. Bear in mind that MaxiBrite already includes a fabric Softener. To see the cost of MaxiBrite see the cart below.

The Power of MaxiBrite!

The secret of MaxiBrite Laundry Detergent superb cleaning action lies in its polarized molecular force called Magnetic Fragmentation Action or MFA. Dirt particles are magnetically attacked and encapsulated before they splinter into even smaller dirt molecules. Once the dirt particles are disunited and encapsulated, they dissolve completely and can no longer function or stick to any surface or fabric, making MaxiBrite the first truly potent detergent to be used in all types of washing applications.

How It Works?

The MFA action is responsible for the efficiency of MaxiBrite Laundry Detergent when used in cold or hot water applications. A large part of the running costs for your washing machine comes from heating the water. Washing on a warm cycle can use up to 10 times more energy as a cold wash. The product can be used in fully automatic washing machines and or hand wash functions. It’s truly non-harmful characteristics will have no effect during hand washing and will also safeguard any staining when the liquid happens to get in direct contact with any laundry before the washing cycle begins.